Boston Burger Company | Boston, MA

Spec work for Boston Burger Company. The new mark connects two of Boston Burger Company’s distinct traits – Boston origins and unique toppings. The bold colored lines represent both the MBTA subway lines, and the bold flavored burger toppings. While red, green, and orange represent the more tame tomato, lettuce, and cheese; the blue line represents the crazier, or ‘out of the blue’ toppings. Additionally, by shortening the name to Boston Burger Co. it now feels less like a corporation and more like a fun, adventurous dining experience.


Pitch | worldwide 

Branding and site design for a campground reservation website. Users select their desired location and dates and Pitch displays the camping sites available for reservation.

Kayfabe Brewing | Somerville, MA 

Kayfabe is a wrestling themed home brewery specializing in craft beer with a few chair shots here and there. The above are labels for three of the brewery's flagship beers, which are inspired by wrestling posters from the 1970's. 

Boston Fish market & supply | boston, MA 

Simple mark for a local fish market and supply company.